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A sprinkle of white dust…

I doubt we’ll be seeing any snow this Christmas. Indeed, as the years roll by, you begin to wonder if your children will ever experience that wonder of throwing back the curtains on Christmas Day morning to a blanket of the white stuff (or believe that their dad once did just that!). Despite all the closures, delays and freezing temperatures that are par for the course in this country at the first flutter of snowflakes, there’s still nothing that quite sums up Christmas like the fall of snow. And a sprinkle of white can have the most transformative effect on many a plate of food or ingredients, too. Just this morning, I pulled up a few images which show show how many a food photograph gets made by a finishing touch of white. It might be slightly over-baked shortbread, magically rescued with a sprinkle of icing sugar. Or freshly made tortellini, ready for the boiling water and sitting so beautifully on their worktop bed of scattered flour. Or a loaf of stollen, so solid and unrelentingly brown before being sliced open and draped in fine powdered sugar to become something fine and beautiful. Or a round of petits fours with confectioner’s sugar rained down from up high, and a few treats removed to show off the footprints of where once baked wonders had been. We might not get snow this year, but it’s always fun to enjoy a little of its magic in the studio.



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