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A new year…

Happy new year! Getting back into the swing of things after the Christmas break is always a strange old time. For me, the 2017 diary was purchased and in use a long, long time before we got anywhere near to the closing of 2016! There’s a good few dates already chalked in and a variety of things to look forward to.

One of those things will be the fruition of work started in 2016 for Absolute Press working on the new Atul Kochhar cookbook. This will be the third of Atul’s books that I’ve photographed. All of them have been different and presented their own challenges. His previous book was the Benares cookbook, which showcased his stunning restaurant recipes. These new recipes couldn’t be more different: curries that can be made from scratch in thirty minutes. Atul is as comfortable making half-hour suppers look every bit as wonderful as he is Michelin-starred dinners. And here’s just a sneak peek at some of the dishes we shot. The book’s due out in May… can’t wait!



Top, left: Spiced fruity potatoes
Top, right: Bengali lentils
Bottom, left: Goan fish curry
Bottom, right: Bengali fish curry

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